Centre Philosophy

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How We Learn at The Point

Our education is child-led and play-based. As educators, our role is not to teach – children are capable and wonderful little people – but to help them learn. By tuning into a child’s unique curiosities, we are in a position to create deep learning opportunities.

We see ourselves as co-researchers and co-constructors in the learning process. This allows children to explore, question, reflect and problem solve. As we are not teaching, but are facilitating learning in a way that’s authentic to them.

The Point centre programme is inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy and underpinned by the New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whaariki, He Whaariki Matauranga mo nga Mokopuna o Aotearoa. Supporting a Tiriti-based curriculum and programme that supports the holistic way children learn and grow.

We believe that children contribute to their own learning through the relationships they form and the experiences they have. When children are given respect and the opportunity to develop, they are more likely to become confident learners and communicators. Our teachers validate, encourage and nurture your child’s interests, so that they feel understood and valued. Through this, we are able to provide rich learning experiences that are inviting, challenging and developmentally appropriate.


Families/whanau play an integral part in daily life here at The Point. From day one, our teachers make an effort to build positive and respectful relationships with each parent. This way, we work together towards your child’s goals and aspirations. We value you, the parent, as the child’s first teacher and encourage responsive and reciprocal communication within our centre programme. This includes regular parent nights to encourage community and gather input into the centre programme. We also have an open-door policy; parents and family members are welcome at the centre anytime. Purposeful participation tells your child that you care about how they spend their days, and that their learning is important to you.

Food & Nutrition

Excellent nutrition is a priority at The Point, as is variety of food. All of your children’s meals are homemade, healthy and nutritious and are dishes that the whole family would enjoy. Our centre chef cooks all meals – morning tea, a hot lunch and afternoon tea – in the villa kitchen and takes great pride in designing an adventurous and tasty menu. We take allergies seriously, and are happy to provide delicious alternatives if necessary.

What does ‘school readiness’ mean?

Sadly, our children do not remain with us forever. They leave us at age five and take the big step into primary school. Our role is to ensure they are ready for this. To us, school readiness means being a confident, independent, self-motivated, curious, resilient and enthusiastic learner. It means having empathy for others and understanding the importance of kindness. It means knowing that failure is just part of experimentation and an opportunity to try again. With these skills, children will be prepared to take on any challenge that comes their way.